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Reputation Management

Project a positive and professional image.

Reputation management is big business - most companies out there that have a website will have some form of reputation management service looking after their interests. We offer reputation management to clients across the UK - so make sure you get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your business.

What is reputation management and why does it matter?

The internet is a largely unregulated place - this means that anyone can write anything, about anyone. Lots of businesses tend to be plagued by bad press online - rightly or wrongly so. Our reputation management service is there to ensure that bad press doesn't consume your business - we're here to ensure that the image customers conjure up in their mind when they hear about your business is a positive image.

Reputation management matters a great deal, if your business gets lots of poor reviews people will be put off using your services. After all, if you're booking a holiday and you see that a hotel has 20 bad reviews and just a couple of good ones, the chances are you won't book that hotel and you'll look somewhere else. It doesn't matter what kind of business or website you run - if people say negative things about it online there's a good chance that future customers will be put off.

We'll scour the web for reviews, articles, blogs and other references to your business - we'll then act to address any negative comments that may exist for your business.

What will we do for you?

There are ethical reputation management companies out there like us, but there are also a lot of unethical companies. Unethical companies tend to fill review sites full of fake positive reviews about a certain business. Whilst this may have a positive effect on sales it's extremely dishonest and it could land your business in some seriously hot water if people clock on to what's happening.

Unethical reputation management companies basically just "paper over the cracks" - they'll find a bad review then post 100 good reviews to cancel it out. We work differently, however.

We believe that instead of papering over cracks the best thing to do is to address individual customer concerns with a view to clearing up bad reviews. Lots of review websites give businesses the opportunity to respond to customer reviews - which is what we like to do. Instead of drowning bad reviews out with lots of fake positive reviews we take action to resolve the complaint itself. We firmly believe in turning a negative into a positive.

Different businesses require different reputation management solutions. Bigger businesses may require a full time reputation management package, whilst smaller businesses may only need reputation management services on an ad-hoc basis. Whichever situation applies to you make sure you pick up the phone and get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Image is everything in business - so make sure your business has the best possible image for your customers to see.



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