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Social Media

The Easy Way to Connect with your Audience


As the world’s largest social media network Facebook gives you access to a huge prospective audience. You can use this to boost brand awareness and build a loyal following. Ultimately it can result in increased enquiries and sales.


Making great connections with people, increasing brand awareness, and boosting customer loyalty are all possible with Twitter. The network can be used to share information and even reveal special offers that can boost your sales.


According to Google around 20% of searches are related to a location. With Google Places businesses can target a local audience more effectively, improving their visibility and standing out from competitors. This can result in sales growth.

How can we help you with Social Media?

At Web Consultancy our social media team can help you to create the perfect strategy for your business, offering great support from start to finish.

We start by getting to know your needs and offer recommendations on which services we feel will be beneficial to you. This is important because there are so many different networks that it is easy to lose focus. From here we can set up and manage accounts for you.

On top of this we can take over your social media marketing for you. With our help you can build great relationships with your target audience and earn great rewards for the efforts.

Social Media can Boost Website Traffic

Good social media marketing can get people thinking about your business and send them to your website to learn more. As a result it will boost your traffic and improve the potential of making sales. Even if they don’t purchase right away they will still remember your business in the future, creating good prospects.

Businesses of every size should be using social media effectively. We can help you to do just that and offer ongoing support so your strategies are always on point.

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