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How this year’s Super Bowl ads incorporated digital marketing

February 13, 2016 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest TV broadcasts in the world, with this year’s event drawing 111.9 million viewers in the USA alone. Of course, this means advertising slots during the event are extremely sought after, with 30 second spots going for up to $5 million. The way companies choose to use this time has has a major impact on the world of digital marketing over the last few years, as well as influencing new trends in TV advertising.

Advertisers are coming up with more and more ways to ensure they can stand out from the rest, combining their TV campaigns with their online presence to generate the biggest possible buzz around their product. Domain names and hashtags were heavily featured in this year’s Super Bowl adverts, encouraging viewers to visit company websites, participate in their campaigns, and get involved by liking and sharing content. As online marketing and social media become increasingly important, we’re expecting next year to be feature even more tactics to persuade viewers to visit websites and take part online.

We think there may have been some kind of sport going on between the advertising slots too...

We think there may have been some kind of sport going on between the advertising slots too…

The prominence of domain names in particular shows just how important a quality domain is for any company. A domain is a crucial part of your brand, and it needs to be as memorable as possible so people know exactly where to find you online. One of the most eye-catching domains featured in a Super Bowl ad this year was, which was included in the trailer for new film Gods of Egypt. This was the only site featured which deviated from the standard “.com” domains given by all the other companies.

More and more new top level domains are being introduced, giving companies the opportunity to create more memorable and meaningful choices. Some of the most recently introduced include .security, .protection, .car, .cars, .auto, .wine and .vin. Although Gods of Egypt was the only campaign this year to feature one of these new brand-specific TLDs, more brands are sure to follow suit as users gradually become more comfortable with non-traditional domain names.

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