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Avoid these mistakes with your ecommerce web design

December 29, 2017 by in category Website Design with 0 and 0

Being successful with ecommerce is not as simple as creating a site, listing products and waiting for people to place orders. It takes much more, especially when you consider the level of competition. As one of the best teams for ecommerce web design Middlesbrough has, we can offer useful tips. In this article we look at important mistakes to avoid.

Focus on value proposition

The idea of value proposition is to have a sound argument why customers should buy from you rather than someone else. This is important with ecommerce because there is so much competition. If you don’t offer immediate value shoppers may look elsewhere.

Start off by making sure what you are offering is immediately clear. Don’t make the web design confusing in any way. Have images relevant to what you are selling and ensure the copy is concise. Make your offer really stand out, especially if you provide added benefits such as free delivery.

Be accurate with product descriptions

Every product description should be informative and focused on the end customer. Never leave them empty or fill them in without care. Use the space to encourage people to buy.

Importantly you need to strike the right balance between images and text. With some products people prefer looking at photos and won’t even read the information. In others the description is more important than the images.

Quality images are vital

Whether you expect them to be looked at closely or cursory, it is always better to have quality visuals. In fact, large high resolution pictures can actually help to improve conversion rates.

The obstacle with ecommerce web design is people can’t physically touch a product before they buy it. Good images bridge this gap effectively, letting them see the details. This can lead to more sales.

Fitt’s Law

The essence of this is that the eye is naturally drawn to larger items that stand out. In ecommerce web design you can take advantage of this. Make titles, offers and pictures larger so they stand out. Larger elements can also be clickable, making it easier to navigate the site.


The success of ecommerce is all about trust. So many people shop with Amazon because it is a renowned and established brand. You need to ensure your website looks trustworthy. How? Focus on providing the kind of social proof people want to see. The most important things to include are:

Press publications
Evidence of credentials

Stay up to date

Keeping your design up to date is also important. Nothing is more likely to deter someone from making a purchase than noticing that the ecommerce shop hasn’t been updated in a long time.

If you are considering ecommerce web design Middlesbrough has no better team to approach than Web Consultancy. Our focus is on helping businesses to make the right impression. We do everything in-house and offer ongoing support. To find out more about working with us, please get in touch.

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