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Creating a newsroom environment

October 3, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Porsche are adapting their digital marketing so that it satisfies their content management strategy. By taking a newsroom mindset and expanding their footprint in the channel they hope to meet the needs of their target audience to a much higher standard. Additionally, the tactic will allow various departments within the company to create and deliver coordinated content that supports the brand message.

The newsroom strategy is relatively new, and Porsche will be following in the footsteps of Tesco and other large companies as they look to utilise digital channels and social media more effectively. The move means that they can use cutting edge tools to reach out and influence a very wide target audience. This ability can prove to be invaluable, especially if the content is all coordinated and designed to meet the needs of consumers.

Porsche already publishes its own magazine online four times a year along with press releases and individual stories. The problem is that with their old strategy the content comes from different sources and may not be tailored to suit the needs of the consumer at the time. With a newsroom strategy, editors will look at everything and ensure it meets the main marketing objectives. The research that can be done online will also help as the content can be created far more efficiently and tailored to answer the questions that consumers are currently asking. The end result should be better engagement with their audience and a boost in performance too.

When implemented successfully, the newsroom strategy can extend beyond consumers to encompass shareholders, investors and suppliers. Each of these stakeholders wants access to the latest information and would find value from getting it directly from a dedicated team with a great standing in the automotive industry. Porsche has this potential growth area to look forward to.

Porsche’s new digital marketing strategy will take time, but they are another big name to move away from traditional advertising. Content marketing is still relatively new, but the potential benefits are fantastic. If successful Porsche can expect a far more streamlined approach and ensure their efforts are targeted specifically towards what their audience wants. If you also want to improve your internet marketing campaign strategy, we can help you – just get in touch to discuss your needs.

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