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Domain names: who you are vs. what you do

December 4, 2014 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

Success for your website is dependent on it being as visible and easy to find as possible. As you are no doubt aware, the main way in which sites become visible and easy to find is through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Getting your site to rank as highly as possible on a search engine is of great importance. First prize is always going to be an appearance on the first page of results on any of the major search engine sites. Failing that, to have any hope of your website attracting the traffic you want, it is considered essential to feature within the first five pages of returned results.

Exactly how one can get their web page to feature as high as possible in search engine rankings is not a question that has an easy or straightforward answer. This in itself is important information for you. Be very wary of anyone who can claim, usually for a fee, that they can guarantee to “make you number one on Google” or similar. There is no magic formula which can guarantee this. In this day and age, any effort to try and trick your website up the rankings of a search engine – in other words, trying to cheat your way to the top – is likely to backfire. Google, by some distance the biggest and most frequently used search engine in the world, have made it clear that they will punish sites that try to use tricks to get to the top by excluding them altogether from rankings.

We certainly do not make false promises, nor do we make claims we can’t live up to. Instead, we understand that building the name and reputation of a website is the same as building the same for a business. It is something that takes time, attention to detail, and high quality work. Since being established, we have built up a wealth of insights and knowledge into the best ways to build a successful, visible website.

Hopefully this information will assist you in getting a greater understanding of how success on the internet is possible.
Exact Match Domains

In the early days of the internet and search engines, something called “exact match domain” (EDM) was the easiest way to success. If you registered a web domain in the names that people searched for – for example ‘locksmithlondon’ – you would automatically be at the top of search results. This isn’t the case any more. That said, EDM sites are still of value, so long as the content is good. Recently, the highly respected web analyst company, established that an EDM site requires 35,000 less visitors and links to reach the first page of a site like Google than a branded one. To put that in the context of the example mentioned earlier, if you had two sites which featured original, high quality content, the one called ‘locksmithlondon’ would be more likely to have a higher ranking than ‘johnthelocksmith’.

A branded web domain, featuring your company name, is of course important to both project and protect your good name and reputation. Running other websites, with domains reflecting the nature of your business, is a good way to gain a strong web presence. For that to be a success, however, you need to have different, unique content on each site.
Different Domains

To some people, the idea of having more than one website does not make sense. The simple answer to this is to consider major companies like McDonalds, Asda, and WHSmith. Their success with one store didn’t see them stop; they went on to open more to obtain even greater success.

Websites act like your online premises, and owning more than one site could be a useful strategy. This isn’t to say that you should simply have as many websites as possible, but hosting more than one website is a tried and tested way of building the biggest web presence you possibly can.

In many respects, one can see running and hosting different domains as advertising for their main homepage. As is the case with all advertising, the content has to be of a high quality in order to work.

In most business sectors, the online competition is fierce, so one cannot forget the other advantage of owning domain names. If you own it that means that no one else does, and so a competitor cannot take advantage of it.


Correct Content Counts

Hosting more than one website for your business does not mean simply repeating the same content across every site. Far from it – if you do this, search engines like Google will detect the duplicate content and penalise you rather than rewarding you with a higher ranking.

As well as being relevant, the content on your sites should be fresh, regularly updated, and engaging for your readers. Providing content along the lines of news updates and regular blog posts keeps your site active, something that sees visitors frequently returning to your side to see updates and increases your search engine indexing.

We provide the skills and services you need to improve your web presence, including premium domain names, web design and original, unique content creation. We build better websites for long term success instead of suggesting a quick fix that will only have a short term return.

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