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Don’t ignore the value of responsive website design

August 4, 2017 by in category Website Design with 0 and 0

Web Consultancy, based in Middlesbrough, is a company that provides digital marketing services. We view your website as a vital asset, and when done right, it can help make your business be very successful. Other services we provide are content writing, web design, social media marketing, Google Adwords and SEO.

To help with your online presence it’s vital to consider responsive design in regards to your website. Many web developers and designers follow certain techniques, all of which create attractive and exciting websites.

It can be difficult sometimes to define responsive web design. It mainly just indicates how a website should respond in accordance with the user’s environment and behaviour; based on their screen size, orientation, and platform.

Responsive web design consists of a combination of intelligent use of CSS, layouts, flexible grids, and images. These not only boost search engine optimisation, but they also facilitate offline browsing and simple site management.

Some ways you can improve your WordPress website to make it more responsive are:

– Image optimisation – images are one of the main elements for a responsive website design. Optimising all images will reduce scaling issues and bandwidth. It is advised to avoid PNGs, as these can sometimes be more of a problem than other formats.

– Use HTML, CSS, and PHP – these can help you build a responsive design. WordPress supports all three so make use of them, otherwise when it comes to aligning your logo, for example, you may find it an arduous task.

– Use a mobile friendly theme – this element is vital for modern websites. As so many people browse on their smartphones, it is important to think about using a mobile friendly theme for the best responsive design. WordPress has many mobile friendly themes, all of which can be customised.

These are just some tips you can implement for responsive website design. If you feel you require these services, then please get in touch with us here at Web Consultancy; we can provide you with the best advice and services. Whatever type of website you have and whether it is simple or complex, we can make it responsive and ensure users have a great experience.

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