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Ecommerce success over the festive period

January 2, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Over the past month, online sales have exceeded all expectations. More and more people are turning to their computers and mobile devices to look for the perfect items and gifts rather than get caught up in the hassle and stress of physically being in a shop over the busy festive period.

One of the reasons why the world of Ecommerce has risen exponentially in recent years is possibly due to the fact that many retailers began sales as early as the 1st of November. Since 2010, online retailer Amazon has been offering ‘Black Friday’ deals, a phenomenon that originally began in the USA in relation to the end of Thanksgiving, marking the start of the holiday season. As we all know by now, the trend quickly picked up and last year we saw hundreds of the UK’s businesses participate, both online and in store. Due to this, the UK had a very long festive shopping period from the beginning of November until the beginning of January. Retailers and businesses made use of the extra opportunities given and targeted products to different consumers at different times.

On Black Friday, online sales were up 22% in comparison to the previous year and it is said that around 20% of the total year’s revenue for retailers is made over the holiday period. Consumers today are demanding a fast shopping experience and Ecommerce ticks all the boxes.

So how does this all apply to you and your business? Ecommerce is one of the best tools that businesses can have and if you’re able to provide delivery and online services then it’s perfect for you. Remember that your website also needs to be responsive on all devices as well to fully make the most of it. For more information, advice and guidance contact us and we’ll be able to offer everything you need, creating an online store for your business and ensuring your site is optimised for mobile devices.

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