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Effective web design tools to tell the story of your business

July 3, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Before the days of mass media and digital evolution, the main method of communication was storytelling. Stories have long been a powerful and effective tool for passing on information. Thanks to technology and the internet, the immediate communication of stories to the masses has been made simple, and when used smartly those stories can help you get the most from the web.

With regard to your business website, your stories are in fact a delivery system for your agenda. They help you to communicate your content and information. You can incorporate storytelling into your web design to effectively communicate with potential and existing customers and achieve full website optimisation.

Images help your wrap your message in a visual story. Visitors prefer visual imagery over endless text, as the information is easier to process and remember. By giving your visitors a pleasant experience that does not ask too much of them, you are more likely to secure new leads and increase website conversions. You could incorporate relevant photographs, or include illustrations and infographics, which can be used to explain sequential steps to your visitors.

When it comes to narrative, every single word on your website contributes to your story, so it is important to convey clear, concise and relevant information. Consumers are looking for consistent communication that ensures a swift and efficient experience.

Personality has become an integral feature of modern web design and can help you make a positive connection with your visitors. You can use it to tell the story of your company and present the collective team behind it. Personalisation gives your site a sense of authenticity, inspiring your customers to trust your products and services. Video can also be used to tell stories on the internet. You can construct a story around your product and produce a fun and informative short film. You may wish to appear in the video yourself or you could have others tell it for you with the use of positive customer testimonials.

These are just a few of the ways you can factor in storytelling as part of your overall web design. The possibilities are endless and if you need assistance with the design and structure of your website we can provide you with a professional and affordable service. Call us today and see how our talented and creative team can help you with web design in Middlesbrough and beyond.

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