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Essential business web design principles to make a good impression

August 18, 2018 by in category Website Design with 0 and 0

When you are looking to make the most out of the online presence your business has, you need to think carefully about the design of your site. Of course, there are many factors that go into web design that contribute to the success. We have included some that we consider to be imperative below.

Bright And Professional Visuals

A website is a lot like a physical store. Upon first visit, people want to see something bright and inviting, not an unprofessional and dark appearance. In addition to colours, you need to think about everything else that people see. Including images makes it easier to show off what you have to offer your customers and increase engagement. They are also beneficial when splitting up blocks of text on a page.

Keep Up With The Times

Mobile optimisation is no longer a way to stand out and be innovative, but a necessity. With so many searches happening on devices like mobile phones and tablets, can you afford not to cater to these people’s experience on your site? People tend to use their smart phones to make searches due to it being the fastest, most convenient method. You are ignoring a huge amount of potential customers if you fail to remember them in your design.

Can You Find Everything?

Websites contain multiple pages, so when people come to navigate you have to make the layout sensible. Even if you know where to look, would a brand new visitor be able to do the same? It should be logical and one thing that you should be able to find from every page is contact information as a next step for customers. In terms of navigation, you can use drop down menus, nav bars or even search boxes.

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