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Future proof your social media marketing strategy

August 22, 2017 by in category Digital Marketing with 0 and 0

Web Consultancy provides bespoke social media marketing strategies for various businesses, adapting to suit their size and speciality. A good strategy takes time to create, is always well thought out and should be acceptable to everybody.

There are sure future ways of improving your digital marketing strategy with the use of social media. About 10 years ago, the rage was MySpace, but since then, modern lifestyle and cultural changes have been drastic. The majority of laptops and computers have been replaced by smartphones, which are seen as the primary device for accessing the internet. Social media platforms have really benefitted from this move.

Web Consultancy, like most digital marketers, know that social media is a crucial part of creating online presence – but you have to get it right. Last year Instagram took over Twitter’s user base, but not long ago it was the other way around. Also, who’s to say we will still be using the same social networks by the end of the year?

With it all being so fast paced, Web Consultancy can help you keep up to date by implementing these tips:
– Post quality content – this should be a top priority. In order for your site to be top ranked on Google, for example, the quality of your content and SEO needs to be high. The same applies to social media platforms. Instagram have a similar image recognition technology to DeepMind’s, so it is important your content aligns with your brand.

– Naturally engage with users – this is a good way of future proofing your strategy. Although paid advertising boosts your content, it is still important to reach out to your audience naturally. Doing so will help your business retain your position on social networks and is great for building rapport and trust.

– Keep your data organised – this should be made a habit. It is likely most of your content is related to current events, but you can never be sure if you will ever need to reuse it. Having content ready to go will give you a huge boost if any new platforms emerge.

These are just some ways you can kickstart your social media marketing strategy. Web Consultancy can provide specialised services for your business, offering great support from start to finish. We can even get creative in your behalf if you want us to.

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