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Google is launching a brand new mobile network

March 3, 2015 by in category Google, News with 0 and 0

There have been rumours for a while that Google is planning to launch its own mobile phone network, and the internet giant has now confirmed that the rumours are true. For now the network, known as “Project Nova”, is only being launched in the USA, with the aim of improving wireless connections for people who use Google’s Android devices, such as the Google Nexus tablet and smartphone.

Users of the Google network will be able to quickly and easily switch between mobile networks and WiFi connections, ensuring a seamless user experience. Devices will be able to automatically select the best signal, reducing the chances of dropped texts or calls. If a phone call is cut off, the network will enable phones to automatically re-connect, eliminating the annoyance of being cut off in the middle of an important conversation.

Google have stated that they do not intend to compete with large US network providers such as Verizon and T-Mobile, but will instead introduce the project on a small scale. At the moment, they are simply experimenting with the way hardware and software work together, and considering ways to improve connectivity for a faster, more enjoyable user experience.

With connectivity improving all the time, it is becoming easier and easier to use mobile devices to connect to the internet to shop, research, communicate and carry out business. People are now able to do so from almost anywhere in the world, and as devices and networks are constantly evolving, it will be interesting to see how businesses have to adjust their online practises in order to keep up.

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