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Google make a statement using America’s largest digital billboard

November 28, 2014 by in category News with 0 and 0

Google are making a huge statement this week by taking over America’s largest digital billboard. The Mitsubishi Electric screen is located New York’s Times Square, and stretches the length of an entire block – more than 77 feet tall by 323 feet long. The advertisement is set to run until the end of January, and will be seen by many millions of people over that time.

The advertisement itself consists of a series of graphics promoting Google products including Android, Google Maps, and Nexus tablets. Viewers are invited to interact with the advert by creating an “Androidified” version of themselves. A Google employee will create their very own avatar and the creation will then appear on the billboard.

Google are also donating screen time to non-profit organisations such as Charity Water and the WWF (World Wide Fund), ensuring optimum exposure for these good causes.

With its mixture of interactivity, exciting rotating graphics and, of course, huge size, this advertisement is sure to grab even more attention for Google and make sure everyone knows about the many innovative new products they’re introducing over the next few months.

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