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Long tail keywords can help to boost your traffic

October 10, 2016 by in category Miscellaneous, News with 0 and 0

Getting traffic to your website can be tricky and many businesses invest a great deal in marketing to help them attract visitors and, hopefully, sales. The problem with this is it can be a struggle to get the right marketing mix and ensure a healthy return on your expenses. Additionally it creates problems for businesses that don’t have the money to spend. So what other options are there?

A good trick is to ensure you are targeting long tail keywords in your search for rankings as well as the main terms. Competition is lower for the longer phrases and ranking well for them can help to boost your performance for the head terms. The move can help you to generate more traffic.

Finding what long tail keywords to target is relatively straightforward. Simply have a look in your Google Webmaster Tools and see what search queries you rank for. You can then take them one by one and do a search on Google. All you need to do now is scroll to the bottom and look at the listings under searches related to your keywords. These will generally be longer tailed results.

You can do a search for every single keyword and find out what searches Google relates to them. Once you have a list of relevant ones that you can introduce into your own business you know which direction to head in.

The next step is to make a few beneficial changes to your content to incorporate the long tail keywords into it. You should take the page that ranks well for the head term and simply insert a few sentences that contain the longer phrases. Remember you want this to look natural and not overdo it; if you do it won’t provide the best results. Don’t simply write in every one of the new longer phrases you want to target because it will ruin your existing content and harm the rank.

One thing you should avoid is making big changes to your title tag. Many people will automatically look at this when they switch the keywords they are focusing on. Unfortunately making changes to title tags too frequently can have a negative effect on the current rankings. You only really need to have long tail searches in the content itself.

On top of this you should use the long tail keywords in your blog posts. This should also be relatively straightforward and only require a small amount of additional work on your part. By including some of the phrases you can give them an additional push and Google will recognise you offer the service.

This method is relatively straightforward and is remarkably low cost. It is a technique that can be utilised by all kinds of businesses to great effect. If you back it up with some periodic blogs content with the long tail phrases and give it a little time you can see your rankings and search traffic rise.

At Web Consultancy we understand how crucial traffic is to website performance. We work hard to help our clients target the right search terms and create a strategy that works for them. We can also create designs that visitors will love and content that will work. If you have any questions please contact us.

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