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Microsoft drops Internet Explorer

April 21, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, is almost 20 years old, but according the company, it will not be around for much longer. Instead, the browser will be phased out of production and replaced by another currently named ‘Project Spartan’. It will be included in the new operating system Windows 10 that is set to come out at some point this year. Marketing Chief of Microsoft, Chris Capossela, told attendees at a conference that the company is currently researching the new branding for the browser.

Internet Explorer was once the most popular browser in the world, with around one billion regular users. However, in recent years it has been beaten by browsers such as Firefox and Chrome in favour of their sleeker designs and faster technology, holding just a small market share in comparison. It is thought that Microsoft are dropping the brand due to negative perceptions from consumers, as it is known for having various security issues and slow response. They have often discussed rejuvenating it but have only now taken action.

Windows 10, the new operating system coming to the market later this year, will feature a brand new fast browser designed to suit a range of devices, and the OS will even be offered as a free upgrade for current users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Many have said that this new direction is right for Microsoft simply due to the amount of negative connotations that it comes with. Even though the re-branding will be soon, Internet Explorer will still be available with the new OS launch to help companies that may have developed software to work specifically with it. We look forward to seeing how this new development will affect online services and web design.

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