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More than half of the UK using tablets to browse the internet

March 23, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

It has been predicted that more than half the population of the UK will be using tablet devices by the end of 2015. Research firm eMarketer carried out the study, which determined that 32.8 million people in the UK will be using a tablet at least once a month this year. By 2019, the research indicates that the figure will have risen to 40.2 million people.

Apple looks set to continue dominating the tablet market; out of the 32.8 million tablet users, 16.7 million of those will be using an iPad. However, as we mentioned in a previous blog, the market for tablet devices has been slowing down recently for various reasons, including the fact that tablets are not replaced or updated as often as smartphones so people tend to hold onto them for longer periods of time. As phone screens become bigger and they are able to perform many of the same functions as a tablet, many smartphone users are also declining to purchase tablets as they are not necessary for their needs. It is expected that after reaching a peak this year, the number of tablet users will slow down.

It remains apparent that tablet devices are still important and used by huge numbers of people, which means they always need to be taken into consideration by web designers. If you require a professional web design service to ensure your site looks fantastic on all kinds of devices including tablets and smartphones, we are the team you can rely on for help. With our experience in web design and our creative, individual approach, we’ll do all we can to ensure you are left with an appealing, user friendly website that really works for your target audience.

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