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New tools for your business

April 15, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

The business world has changed substantially over the years. Web-based apps have come on leaps and bounds in the last five years and many of them have quickly replaced traditional tools because they are more cost effective and easier to access from a range of devices. Retooling could save your business a great deal of money and improve the productivity of your workforce. Here are ten tools you may want to look at.

1) Zoho

This amazing platform can perform a lot of functions, and is particularly useful for creating marketing campaigns. It can handle a range of tasks and has the power to do them all quickly. The business suite is easily accessible so it can provide real value for one easy monthly fee.

2) Asana

This is a free cloud based tool that is perfect for project management. The tool has a simple dashboard and lets you break tasks down into individual elements so they can be assigned easily. It also features a notification system so you’ll be kept up to date on the status of different parts of the project, keeping you up to speed.


This dynamic ticketing tool is flexible enough to work for both large and small businesses. Every ticket that is generated is automatically logged so you’ll have a complete record at your fingertips. A plug in system means it can handle ticketing and barcodes.

4) FreshBooks

An accounting tool that offers cost effective invoicing solutions. As s complete accountancy tool it is lacking a number of key features but for invoices it is really good, particularly as a solution for smaller businesses. You can even try a free trial if you want to test the waters first.


A completely customisable, open source collaboration platform. This is a great resource that users can contribute towards to keep it moving forward. There are blogs to read, discussion boards, galleries and file repositories all available.

6) Collabtive

Another project management platform, this tool lets you track projects and tasks, set milestones and manage files. It is a great tool for team projects and lets everybody stay up to date to where other members are up to with individual jobs.

7) eXo Platform

This is an enterprise grade collaborative solution that allows users to work together on forums, calendars and individual documents. It can be scaled to suit large user numbers and is completely customisable so each user can arrange it how they want. On top of this it is free.

8) Genbook

An online solution for booking services. This tool can help you to maximise customer scheduling and get them to leave verified reviews that you can use to build your reputation online. The tool is easy to use and provides good value, particularly when you consider the damage that fake reviews can cause your business.

9) Clockspot

Checking in and out is challenging in an age when people can start working from anywhere rather than having to actually get to a specific location. This great tool lets employees do it online so it is far easier. The tool can track sick days, holidays and even includes a payroll feature.

10) Comapping

This is a useful tool if you want people to be able to work together to create documents or plan. It allows multiple simultaneous collaborations and has a useful flow chart data capture feature that keeps track of the timing of changes.

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