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New tools to allow distributors to utilise E commerce

October 17, 2017 by in category Miscellaneous with 0 and 0

A cloud based application, Epicor Commerce Connect, is designed to aid wholesale distributors who want to quickly launch E commerce sites. In particular it can automate the steps required to sell and move products to customers. The software is available now, and is set to gear companies to deploy B2B solutions.

Modern day E commerce is more than a website online store add-on. It is recognised as a powerful channel, helping to support business goals such as increased growth, productivity and differentiation in the digital distributing world. The Epicor platform is a B2B solution, meaning users can carry out modifications and add other applications later on.

Other platforms which allow people to carry out such tasks are WooCommerce. The toolsets that these platforms include are anything from customer account management, pricing, order functionality, bulk ordering and marketing. There are even products for specialist industries, including Eclipse for electrical and plumbing for example.

Businesses that choose to not look into the E commerce world may be limiting themselves and missing good opportunities. The way consumers work now is through different user experiences such as using online stores. This has driven even the most traditional industries to incorporate such methods. Therefore it is always wise to consider whether expanding would benefit the business.

A lot of B2B2C uses are for wholesalers and manufacturers who sell on to other distributors and even to direct consumers. It is vital the online tools they use interact correctly, as often companies heavily rely on these cloud based services. Such tech based systems are extremely reliable nowadays, providing a complete suite of business solutions, whilst giving enough flexibility for the enterprise to grow.

Ensuring your business is kept up to date with latest marketing trends is key to success. The same applies digitally, so why not consider investing in a conversion to E commerce or expanding your current website with an online shop?

If you would like to know more about the potential of this digital trend, then contact Web Consultancy today.

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