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New web content keeps you visible on the web

December 1, 2016 by in category Miscellaneous, News with 0 and 0

There are many articles out there which offer advice on how to get the best performance from your website. It is usual for them to highlight making sure that you, on a fairly frequent basis, update your site with new content that’s both original and relevant to what you do. At Web Consultancy we can create web content for clients across the UK, offering personalised services from our office in the North East.

Whilst the above is quite true, we’ve noted that it is rare for such advice to be given in a qualified way. We’d like to highlight a recent change on the web which showcases the dangers of not updating your site.

FreeIndex is a widely known and used business resource in the UK. They provide an extensive directory service, as well as leads. A presence on this site can provide great value, regardless of the sector and industry a company serves. Whilst the service is free to use, many businesses have started to lose their place on the FreeIndex site.

We recently received an update from FreeIndex. It was a general communication advising that they were running scans and checks on businesses listed to make sure their websites were active. One of the main criteria for this was checking for how frequently and recently the site was updated. If they found that a site had not been updated for a while then it would be assumed that the business was no longer active. A consequence of this would be a de-ranking of the site, followed by a removal of the business from the services.

It’s very easy to understand why FreeIndex have taken this approach. Clearing inactive businesses from their site allows them to give an even better service. For businesses that rely on services such as FreeIndex to be found by potential customers, the message is clear – it really is important to keep your site updated.

As part of being the leading provider of complete web services such as creating new content in the North East, we’ve always understood the value of keeping sites updated. One of our key services is providing blog stories and news articles which deliver on this criteria. We have a team of in-house writers who research and produce content perfect for your business, no matter what field or industry you are in.

Due to the large number of clients that we’ve provided web content to – both here in the North East and across the country – it’s very likely that you’ve read some of what we do before. We’re very proud of what we’ve produced and of the success we have achieved with it.

It would be our pleasure to give you some direct examples of what we’ve done and to discuss with you the benefits our content would bring to you. Simply get in touch to do just that.

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