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Planning ahead for a great business website

August 14, 2015 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

As we all know, a well designed website is one of the most crucial tools your business has. That’s why careful planning and consideration are so important before any work goes ahead. Before you start up your business website, there are a few vital factors you should always consider. Here are just some of the things to think about before you start planning your new site.

1. Your domain name.

Your actual domain is one of the most crucial factors affecting your site and can make all the difference to your level of success. This is one matter where it’s best not to try and “think outside the box” – the best domain names are short, concise, obvious and memorable, often incorporating the name of the business or a keyword relating to their specific product or service. This builds trust, aids SEO and ensures visitors can easily find you.

2. How much web hosting space you’re going to need.

In basic terms, your web hosting provider will be leasing you the online space that will be occupied by the files that make up your website. The more features and functions your site has, the more space you will need, so make sure that your site will have sufficient space.

3. What you want to achieve.

Having a clear goal in mind will aid the creation of an effective, appealing and appropriate design. Is your site going be used to sell goods or services, provide people with information, build and expand your brand, or a mixture of all of these? It’s also useful to think about your target audience and what would appeal to them.

If you’re starting a new business venture and want to get off on the right foot online, or if you want to give your site an overhaul, we can provide cheap website hosting, WordPress hosting, and full web design and development services to help you get off the ground. Give us a call today to learn more about the various different ways we can help you to take your business online.

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