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Striking a balance in web design

August 25, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

This might well be stating the obvious, but the design of your website is crucial for its success. By this we mean the layout and navigation as much as the style and appearance. In our experience, success comes from sites which strike the right balance between what you want and what your site visitors expect. This is what we do best, and our talented web design team are available to deliver a complete website experience.

It is fairly usual for the company’s needs to be in line with the expectations of their prospective customers. For example, companies which offer financial services generally want to present a mature, professional and trustworthy image. When looking for a company to handle your finances, we would suggest that those are the exact qualities you’d want to see represented on their website.

August 25Style and appearance are important elements of web design, but layout and navigation are also vital. Ideally, you want a website that lets your visitors find the information they want in an effortless and quick manner, but one that also promotes and advertises your business and services to those coming to your site for the first time. Again, it’s a matter of balance. This can often be achieved by using different, dedicated pages for content, and having them structured in a naturally flowing way on the sitemap.

Once upon a time, a website was literally a webpage – in other words, all information was displayed on the one and only page the site featured. This meant an awful lot of scrolling up and down to find what you wanted. That sort of page still exists today, but visitors tend to leave them pretty much as soon as they’ve arrived. You want your visitors to become engaged and involved with your site, and the way to achieve that is to present them with a well laid out, easy to navigate experience.

Ideally, the best websites feature designs which reflect a positive and professional image and help to build trust between your company and prospective customers. Our team of expert North East web designers have the skills, ability and track record of success to create the perfect site for your business.

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