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The must-haves when adding e-commerce to WordPress

October 22, 2016 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Online businesses are on the rise, so now is a better time than ever to get involved and present your own offerings to the world. How do you do this? Why, through an excellent WordPress e-commerce site of course. The necessary plug-ins can be reasonably priced, lowering the risks when you start up and increasing the likelihood of getting your first payments back soon after.

Running an online service is just as competitive as everything else in the business world. One of the best ways to make your own site stand out from the others is to think on the user experience and pick a theme that is both functional and catches the eyes. Drawing the customers in and then making certain that they can utilise your website simply is the way forward to securing sales.

Trying something interactive is always a good bet. You might choose to create an illustration or animation of your product, which explains in a clear way its benefits and features. Permitting customers to look at complementary items and build a selection of products visually can offer big benefits. For example, if a customer is seeking a tent to purchase, you will naturally want to show them related items too. But if you allow them to drag-and-drop a ground sheet onto your visual, they can produce a camping picture.

Product sliders may be something you’ll also want to look at. Movements on web pages work wonders in catching the eyes of users and minimises bounce rates. They will be interested on what the next slide has for them and as such, will stay to move on through the slides. Sliders also present the opportunity to showcase more than one product under promotion. If the pages are static, content will need updating on a more regular basis to make sure that people aren’t getting bored of the same old stuff.

Websites that scroll while they show new panels of information is the trend that’s currently popular. It has a very modern appearance and displays clearly all the information in one nice location. What this means is that customers don’t have to leave a page to find something different. If they navigate from a product, this can mean a loss in sales for the company.

If you possess a static background image coupled together with scrolling panes on top, it adds more dynamics to the designs, because it seems like you are moving the panes across the images. This also increases interactions, as it makes the process all the more exciting.

You’ll want to beef up on security for your site as well. Security is essential for e-commerce sites, especially in a period as digital as this one where people around the world can gain access. Customers will trust you to keep their payment data safe and you must stick to this. Not only does this keep your reputation intact, but it’s a legal necessity.

E-commerce is what you make of it at the end of the day. With some dedication and expert advice from a business that specialises in this area, you can have a WordPress website developed that suits your exact needs. As an added benefit it is relatively easy to add and change product information on a WordPress site. This is important as you want to be able to get selling quickly and have the ability to adapt to what your competitors choose to sell.

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