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The power of advertising on Google searches

May 3, 2016 by in category Google, News with 0 and 0

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a highly effective way to get your website placed prominently on Google for your specific search terms. The technique is fast, delivering quick positions that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to achieve organically. It can prove to be a very sound investment and can even help to drive you up the organic results thanks to the higher number of visitors you receive.

The three major search engines all offer PPC. Naturally Google is the first place you should look because they are the biggest and have the highest number of users. In fact they receive approximately 40,000 searches every second. Meanwhile Bing receives less than 1,000 in the same space of time. The majority of people will want to have their ads positioned where they can receive the maximum coMay 1 imageverage and develop the best leads.

Search ads on Google appear at the top or the bottom on each page of search listings. They only contain a relatively small amount of information but they are very powerful because of their position. Each ad can show exactly what people are looking for, including a link to the website and a small amount of information about the service. The ads can even contain telephone numbers, addresses and reviews.

If you want to place search ads on Google you need to use the Adwords tool. This lets you manage everything from your budget to the content of the ad and what search terms you want it to appear for. It even lets you see data about how campaigns are performing, including your clicks and conversion rate. This means you can keep a close eye on how everything is running and make changes when they are necessary.

When you use Adwords you will be given an Ad rank. This helps Google to decide which ads are the most relevant for searches so they can decide which to show. A number of factors contribute to the rank including the amount you bid for keywords (i.e. the cost you are willing to pay per click), the relevance of the website, the quality of the landing page you link to, and the click through rate. A good rank is important and can help you to get more clicks for your ad for less money.

To ensure your campaigns stand the best chance of delivering a good return on the investment you need to spend time building your Ad rank, including making sure your website is perfect and contains good quality content.

Alongside this you need to do keyword research so you can work out what you want to appear for. This can be time consuming but it is important to ensure you target the phrases with the most searches. There are many variations of even the simplest keywords and they will all have a different search volume. You’ll need to create a PPC list for your campaign, ensuring you choose relevant ones. Remember to include long tail keywords too; they can have fewer searches but also tend to have lower competition and therefore less costs per click.

Google Adwords can provide fantastic returns but you do need to be proactive with managing the campaign. We can help you with this though and provide a flexible service to suit your needs.

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