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The relationship between SEO and social media

October 6, 2015 by in category News, Social Media with 0 and 0

From one perspective, SEO and social media may seem like separate facets of internet marketing. People often ask us if social media has any direct effect on search engine rankings or if there are simply loose connections. SEO and social media may have once existed separately, but the two entities have evolved over time and we can now see a clear relationship between them.

The information available online continuously expands, which makes it hard to find exactly what we are looking for. This is where Google comes in. It dispatches thousands of crawlers to locate and tag information and construct an index that enables users to swiftly find what they want. Google pays attention to social media activity such as retweets, likes and shares, and serves as a filing system for the vast amount of virtual content that is found across the web.

A site such as Twitter helps Google find fresh online content as tweets are displayed in search results, which reduces the time spent by consumers searching for relevant information and online reviews. The advancement of social media means it now occupies an influential position and can greatly improve SEO strategy. Search engines currently assess social performance and relevance, which allows you to identify the areas of your social media strategies that need adjusting.

When searching for a brand on Google, it is likely that the company’s Facebook profile will pop up in the first few results. Major social networks such as Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and Instagram are highly valued by Google and by making sure your brand is well represented by your social media pages you can effectively control your SEO campaign.

Overall, it pays to closely monitor your social media and do your best to leverage the features it makes available with a view to progressively improve your SEO. Our social marketing team can help you with every aspect of your SEO campaign and social media management.

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