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The workings of the web designer

June 30, 2016 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Every good web designing process starts with one thing, a plan. Having an idea of what has and hasn’t worked before, both from a business standpoint and in terms of the website structure is vital. Everything from browser variations to the actual content of the website can change a user’s experience.

When looking at a website from Google Chrome on a PC or laptop, it may be different from your friend’s experience viewing it on their phone. The reason for this is because of the parsing and rendering, or the way that the browser reads the code and displays it on screen in other terms. Browsers will load the code in very specific orders, but sometimes they won’t recognise certain codes at all, which explains why certain parts of the website may look different on your phone.

These differences can make it difficult for you to create a website that appeals to everyone and it is this reason why professional designers take the helm. The designers are familiar with HTML and CSS standards which are used for structure and style, and browser issues. They also perform considerable amounts of browser compatibility testing to pinpoint potential issues and establish the necessary repairs.

Reading content has never been the same since the establishment of the internet. According to reports, the most successful websites are those with a clear and scannable layout, and it is these websites that have a 47% usability improvement. Being able to identify key information quickly is essential to the website’s success. If a visitor is unable to find what they are looking for, they will go to another website instead. A web designer’s mission is to create sites that direct attention to the most crucial information, whether that is the company’s blogs or the online store. Using traffic maps and analytic tools, designers can see which links and buttons are most popular and update to keep people interested by improving the experience.

With technology continuing to increase at a rapid pace, it is important to keep up. Outdated websites run the risk of having unexpected formatting issues, or not even showing up effectively in search results. Since web browsers and devices used to access websites are constantly changing, the design and development processes must also change with them. Web professionals have to be at the top of their game when it comes to coding standards, browser compatibility updates and search engine algorithms.

Professional help is always recommended when designing a website. Because of the complexity of the design process, web designers are always reviewing and updating their skill sets in order to provide the highest quality work. They know the workings of the website like the back of their hands and with them applying the correct coding, technology and layouts, your website will flourish.

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