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Three key design elements for niche businesses

February 1, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

If you are involved in a niche industry, there are advantages and disadvantages to the number of competitors in the market.

In highly competitive sectors it takes more effort to find people interested in your product or service and convert them. This means you may need to invest a great deal into advertising and other elements. The risk of failure is naturally higher because there are so many people offering the same or similar things. In a niche there is less choice, but if you make a mistake with your strategy you can alienate customers quickly. This could be disastrous for your business.

In niche markets you need to take every opportunity you can to make yourself stand out and appeal to as many customers as possible. A website is key, and you’ll need to ensure it can be found on search engines for the right terms. There is so much room for website design that you can ensure you make the right choices and deliver a website that is useful, engaging and appealing to customers.

The first key factor for any successful website, whether it is niche or a highly competitive sector, is to make the site responsive for various devices. This should be a standard because you can lose customers quickly if they have a negative experience using your website. The number of different devices on the market and variety of screen sizes means it is very important to have a site that adapts automatically in response. Responsive design is essential.

The fact that people can browse on a wider range of devices, including small screen ones, also presents problems for navigating websites. With large screens navigation bars can be put almost anywhere without becoming cumbersome. On smaller devices though they quickly interfere and take up too much space. Hidden navigation bars are a good idea as long as your customers know where to click to bring them up. All websites should be easy to make your way around and give people quick access to the information they are looking for.

The final element which can help a niche website stand out is to have a large image on the homepage or background. This makes your site more visually appealing and grabs the attention of visitors. You can also change the image easily to freshen up the site without having to make major changes. The only thing to remember is to get the sizing of the images right so they don’t adversely affect the loading speed of the site.

As well as these three basic elements you’ll also need to get your content management and search engine optimisation (SEO) right. Both of these will help you to stand out from competitors and should lead to success in your niche.

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