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Understanding the UK E-Commerce market

January 3, 2017 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Let’s be honest about it – by now you already know how important it is for a UK business to have an online presence. What we would like to do is spend some time looking at the exact reasons why you and your business need to be online and – perhaps most importantly – the things you can do to make sure your web presence is a success. This information sharing is part of what makes us number one for E-commerce website design services in the North East.

Firstly, the facts and figures about internet use in the UK really do underline why a web presence is so valuable. Some 85% of the UK’s approximately 64 million population are online. This means there’s a substantial potential audience for your business.

Of more significance, however, is how much the potential audience are spending online. E-commerce turnover figures have grown by nearly 80% in the last 4 years alone, with spending of £84 billion in 2012 increasing to just over £150 billion in 2016.

With the market – and its willingness to spend – in place, it remains that businesses must ensure their web presence is styled to attract customers to it. A priority in achieving this is to make sure that customers find it easy – yet secure – to use your E-commerce services. In this respect there are two key areas of focus we would like to look at – ones that our clients know we place a priority on.

One of the ways to make sure your E-commerce site is attractive to customers is to make sure you can accept the most commonly used forms of payment. If your potential customers find that they have to work to pay you it’s highly likely they will simply move on and become actual clients of your competitors.

In terms of selecting payment methods, in the UK the figures show 75% of customers use either a debit card or credit card. Just 21% use PayPal. Having the ability to accept all three of these is the ideal scenario but you must be aware of the costs.

The other consideration we would highlight is to make sure that potential customers can easily see you and place an order. To do this you must make sure your website is optimised to be mobile responsive. Over 33% of E-commerce transactions are currently carried out on a mobile device. This figure is expected to grow substantially over the coming years.

There’s much more to success than the above points, of course. These are, however, two of the basic foundations you must have in place. As the best known and most successful name for e-commerce website design services in the North East, we know what our clients need to have set up in order to be able to access the largest market and the biggest potential for success. We work with them to achieve that.

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