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Use visionary videos to reach a world of online consumers

July 27, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

One of the greatest gifts the internet has given us is the capacity to purchase goods and access information in an instant. Every business that has an online presence has the potential to attract customers from all over the world, and one of the major ways you can reach potential consumers is with the use of video.

Videos allow your site visitors to quickly process and digest information. The written content on your website is very important, but by using video you can complement your narrative and reinforce your overall company message. Your video offers potential customers multiple insights into your products and services. It encourages them to focus on your information audibly and visually and spend more time on your website. The longer people stay on your site the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Video lets you show your visitors what your business is all about instead of just telling them. It also offers the perfect opportunity to move away from merely informing people to actually engaging them. Research shows that people learn and remember information much better when they are actively engaged. Aim for getting your product and service information across in an entertaining way, and do not be afraid to be daring or funny. When a person laughs at a video, they are likely to share it, which can increase the number of views it receives, help you make new connections and increase traffic to your website. Google loves YouTube, so be sure to upload your videos for an extra platform to promote and be promoted.

By posting custom made videos that feature your employees you can form a bond with your customers. When you establish familiarity people begin to feel like they know you which makes them trust you, ensuring that they feel safe to buy your products. You can use video to convey your company values and present employee profiles and live product demonstrations.

Video can help you optimise your website design and increase its reach. In a world of companies offering similar products, it is important to ensure that you stand out from the competition with effective web design and online marketing strategies. By producing creative videos that offer a live and real representation of your company you can be sure of standing out and gaining an advantage over your competitors.

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