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Virtual reality is coming to Facebook

April 7, 2015 by in category Facebook, News with 0 and 0

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has announced that it will begin to offer support for virtual reality on its newsfeed, allowing users to explore a virtual location with a VR headset. With this feature, users can view videos that have been filmed with multiple cameras and manipulate the viewpoint, giving them the freedom to explore a location. It was showcased at the networks ‘F8 developers’ conference in San Francisco under the name ‘Teleportation Station’, something which was leaked accidentally through an app notification.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive of Facebook, also said that users will soon be able to share content from third-parties in their messenger application. As one of the fastest growing and potentially most important members of the Facebook family, the messenger service is one of the biggest shifts the company has made to further connect people, and is used by over 600 million people per month. During the conference, the Messenger Platform was released to help developers build new services into it, delivering more tools for expression. The Platform is designed to facilitate consumer business relations as it will be possible to track orders, change orders and track delivery.

It has been confirmed by Facebook’s vice president of messaging products that over 40 applications that support Messenger will be released in the upcoming days and also spoke of the company’s desire to revolutionise the online shopping industry by providing real-time updates. This will be involve starting an instant messaging conversation with the company through the Messenger application, even sending thumbs up to confirm the order.

These new changes are set to change the way businesses and their customers communicate together and make it easier for both parties to get in touch. Facebook continues to prove that it is an important tool for modern businesses, and with our social media packages, you can continue to reach out to your new and existing clients effectively.

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