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Working out your long term marketing strategy

March 26, 2016 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

One of the most important things to remember when you think about digital marketing is the timeline. You can create a fantastic strategy and back it up with an investment in adverts, social media and bespoke content, but it is important to be aware that everything you do will take time to have an effect. Look to the long term with your marketing strategy rather than expecting to see results instantly.

The two most crucial matters to calculate before launching your strategy are the purchase cycle and the value of the leads. In any online business, purchase cycles will give you an insight into the buying habits of consumers so you can ensure your strategy is appropriate. The length of the cycle will differ depending on the product or service in question, the needs of the consumers and the cost.

In some cases you can find it takes consumers several months after seeing an advert to finally make a purchase. This means that the money your advert has made you will not appear on your books until much further down the line. This can make it tricky to determine the success of the strategy and the return on investment (ROI). Understanding the purchase cycle over a longer period of time will give you a better idea of when you can expect to see returns.

As this guy knows, slow and steady wins the race - especially when it comes to online marketing.

As this guy knows, slow and steady wins the race – especially when it comes to online marketing.

Many businesses will look at direct sales to judge the performance of a marketing campaign. This is a reasonable way to weigh success, but it has a narrow focus and can mean you fail to consider the value of other factors. As well as direct sales, you may also want to look at the number of people who register with you. These are valuable leads that could prove to be a great source of income in the future. You will need to put a value to them so you can gain a clear idea of the returns your strategy has provided.

When it comes to online marketing, it is important to have a clear idea of how you will monitor the performance and calculate the ROI. You may need to adjust your approach so you can keep track of useful details like click through rates, bounce rates and the length of time visitors spend on your website. Each of these matters is vital and can be a valuable measure of your performance.

When you invest in digital marketing, it is crucial to retain focus and don’t constantly change your strategy. This can leave you missing out on opportunities and potential returns, not to mention that you will have much bigger costs. It is better to be patient, give your campaigns the time they need to run their course and use your investments effectively.

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