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5 SEO errors you need to make sure you avoid

February 21, 2019 by in category SEO with 0 and 1

When it comes to search engine optimisation, you can earn a great return from your efforts. It can take time to build up your authority over your competition but the result can be a firm foundation for your business. What you need to remember is that there are some common mistakes people make with their approach. These lead to missing opportunities so to help you, here are some things to avoid.

Not Breaking Up Text

Something readers find very overwhelming is large blocks of text. This can leave them lost and bored, as well as more likely to ignore it and leave your site. Instead, ensure it has a high level of readability and is split up into smaller paragraphs with headings. You can also add design elements to your page to make it appear more interesting. This includes graphics and pictures.

Thinking More Is Better

To fuel your SEO efforts you should be creating content. However, the key is on the quality of it and not the quantity. You should not be adding information simply for length. Instead focus on usefulness and relevance. You should ensure that the topics are something readers will find informative and will create interest in your business. This may be things not covered before as well as on-trend and seasonal stories.

Forgetting Technical Optimization

A vital thing to remember is to have a solid site without issues that Google will run into when reading it. There are different factors that affect your ranking such as how people access your website. With all of the searches that take place on mobile, you cannot afford to not optimise your pages for these devices. Google prefers responsive sites so ensure that yours is.

Not Making The Most Of Metrics

Your SEO should be a constant work in progress that you monitor regularly. This allows you to look at what works for your business and what doesn’t. A great and popular tool for this is Google Analytics. It provides you with useful information on the various aspects of your site. You can review this to see what your next steps should be.

Not Realising What SEO Can Do For You

When a website is at the top of Google, along with being the first one that people see, it also adds credibility and trust to your business. If you need help with search engine optimisation, let us know. We can create quality content for you among other helpful things.

At Web Consultancy we offer various services, all with the purpose of helping your site reach its full potential. Contact our team today to start discussing how we can assist you.

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