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Important steps for business website design

February 8, 2019 by in category Website Design with 0 and 0

A website can make or break a business as it is one of the most common ways people learn about you and your work. Some businesses work so hard to give themselves an edge that they forget the basics though. It is important for you to remember the foundations of web design that will make it great. Get these right and you can enjoy great results.

Understand Your Audience

Your site is the face of your business and the design is what greets people. As well as creating pages that work well on their own, they need to match the purpose of the business.

You cannot effectively get the visitors you want without knowing who they are. This way you can use clear targeting methods, sectioning and navigation. An important thing to do is match the industry standard. For example you wouldn’t want a bright rainbow of colours when making a site for the funeral sector.


You should include a clear call to action on every page. This is so that visitors know what to do next with the information they have. It may be learning more by directing them to another page, persuading them to make a purchase or giving them a way to contact you.

How Well It Works

Whether on a mobile or desktop, slow loading is something people hate and can lead to a high bounce rate. You need to optimise load speed to ensure people can access what they want without long waits. Another thing to plan with care is the architecture of your site. This needs to make sense to visitors so that they are not lost when looking for information.


If you want to ensure that your site can be found by people, remember that search engine optimisation applies to the design too. While there are major things to consider like the use of keywords, there are also changes to algorithms to remember. You can check on these as well as investing in professional assistance for all aspects of web design.

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