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A new day of deals is on the horizon with Amazon’s Prime day

July 14, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Growing from humble beginnings into the greatest e-commerce juggernaut in the world, Amazon is used by customers worldwide for their online shopping needs. Millions of people use the site for the deals and convenience that it offers, and it is certainly no stranger to innovation, as we saw earlier this year with the unveiling of their Dash button.

One of the most unique features of Amazon is their flagship Prime subscription service, which offers a variety of amenities for subscribers for a yearly subscription price. In their latest drive to attract subscribers, they have unveiled Prime Day.

This is simply 24 hours of discounts that will take place on July 15th to celebrate Amazon’s 25th anniversary, which occurs on July 16th. The offer will be on in several countries including the UK, US, Germany, Japan and Italy. Amazon has gone on record as saying that there will be more deals during this day than on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Such a move may prove to be extremely popular, given how sleepy the summer shopping season usually is.

The move could help to improve Prime subscription numbers, which have already seen a 53% rise over the last 12 months. Whether or not Prime Day will end up significantly boosting that number further remains to be seen. If so, then it’s possible we could see a repeat of Prime Day next year.

Of course, in the realm of e-commerce, rewarding subscribers is not entirely new. However, Amazon’s idea seems to be on a much larger scale than anything we’ve previously seen. It will certainly come as a welcome gift to many Prime subscribers. In terms of marketing, it’s an interesting move, and Amazon are clearly hoping that more people will sign up to its Prime subscription service in the hopes of snagging some amazing bargains.

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