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Facebook is changing how it charges its advertisers

July 15, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Facebook is no stranger to being used as a playground for digital marketing. If online marketing is pursued correctly on the popular social media site, a brand or product can explode in popularity quite quickly. For this reason, many companies choose to buy advertisements on Facebook, hoping to tap into the hundreds of millions of users who log in daily. There have been recent changes to the advertising system which appear to be incredibly advantageous to those looking to market their brand or product.

The changes involve advertisements bought on a cost per click basis. Previously, advertisers had to pay even if a user only liked, shared or commented on the post. However, they now only have to pay when a user actually directly clicks on a link to the brand’s website. This means that brands will only pay for direct clicks rather than social engagement. This will possibly bring an end to cost per engagement, and instead ensure that advertisers are paying for straight clicks alone.

Most importantly, advertisers can still bid for engagements such as likes and shares. This essentially means that they can be more specific in the ads that they want. Doing so will not only allow businesses to see if they are connecting with their users, but in theory it will also provide them with far better click-through rates. The new advertising regime will also include customisable packages so advertisers only have to pay if viewers visit their website, click a button or view a video, depending on what they are marketing and how they are marketing it.

This move could certainly give people involved in digital marketing a new means of approaching their adverts on social media. It’s also possible that the prices could increase, though any increases will doubtlessly be offset by the higher amount of attention given towards advertiser’s websites and products. Such a change will likely see more online marketing take place on Facebook.

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