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Aldi take legal action over unauthorised domain name

February 24, 2015 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

We’ve written before about the importance of domain names and how companies need to carefully guard their online identities to preserve their image, resulting in legal action for some companies who feel people are misusing their brand names online. There are countless examples of this, with companies taking legal action against other companies or individuals who they feel are infringing on their rights.

German supermarket chain Aldi was forced to take action recently after a man named Wayne Stephenson registered the domain name, citing the fact that he is a genuine fan of Aldi and simply wanted to create a site with an online forum where fellow fans could express their love for the supermarket and talk about their favourite products.

The concern was that Stephenson could use the domain to make a profit on the back of their established brand, and that his site would create confusion for people in search of online shopping, potentially tarnishing the store’s good name. It was determined that his use of the domain was infringing on Aldi’s rights, and he has now been forced to give up the domain name, which has been transferred to the ownership of Aldi Stores Ltd.

This story demonstrates how domain names are vital for companies to maintain their presence online. Major companies know how crucial it is to guard their brand, as anyone using their good name to mislead people online could have a potentially disastrous effect on their image or their profits. This is why many companies buy up multiple domain names, ensuring that their brand is completely under their control online and that nobody else can take unfair advantage of them. If you want to protect your brand and build up a positive image for your company, it is important to choose the right domain names and ensure that you keep a watchful eye over how others may be using your brand identity online.

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