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Attracting The Right Traffic To Your Web Presence

July 31, 2016 by in category News, SEO with 0 and 0

The optimal position for any business to be in is one which sees a high percentage of visitors to their website and enquiries ultimately being converted into customers. This may well sound to you like it is a fairly straightforward, common sense analysis, but it’s one which is often overlooked in terms of a web presence. Whilst attracting a large audience is a wonderful position to be in, the focus should always be on attracting the exact audience you want to visit you, no matter what the size of it is.

Driving a large audience to a website can be relatively easy to achieve – so long as you cheat. You might possibly have heard the term “black hat” work in respect of SEO. This involves using techniques of a morally and ethically dubious nature to fool or trick people into visiting your site. Engaging in this approach can deliver an impressive amount of traffic in the short term, but the consequences for the future tend to be negative. Most of the traffic brought to your site by doing this will have little or no interest in conducting business with you, and Google tend to punish sites that engage in this sort of practice by excluding them from search engine results.

A question each business has to ask of itself in respect of web traffic is which is best – 1,000 visitors which features 1 new client, or 100 visitors which sees 10 new clients come on board. Usually we’d be reluctant to use a term like “less is more”, but from a business planning perspective it really is true that getting the right people onto your site is far more important than generating high volumes of web traffic.

Our approach to increasing the traffic to your website is always based on the principle of reaching your target market. We seek first to understand your products and services and then make sure that these are conveyed in a way that is understood – and easily accessed – by those looking for what you do. In understanding the demographics of your market we are able to use the key words and phrases used to search for what your business provides, with our web services increasing your visibility in respect of them.

Whilst having a popular website is something to be proud of, ultimately it’s the case that what you really want it to be is a means to convert as high a number of people as possible into customers. Our team have the knowledge, expertise and skill to make sure your presence on the web is maximised to deliver the greatest results for your business.

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