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Avoiding the SEO pitfalls

August 30, 2015 by in category News, SEO with 0 and 0

When you first build your business website, it is natural to get a little carried away with the design aspects as well as the pursuit of high rankings. Although these are important elements it is also wise to implement a few valuable SEO practices to keep your site optimised and safeguard its integrity. You can make sure your website will stand the test of time by avoiding these common mistakes.

Keyword stuffing involves overloading a webpage with words or phrases to manipulate the site’s rankings in Google’s search results. Deliberately repeating a word will result in your site swiftly moving down the result’s pages rather than climbing them.

If a visitor to your site is won over by your content and clicks on a hyperlink, the last thing you want is for that link to fail. When a link does not lead to its intended destination, people are likely to leave your site in search of an alternative. It is not uncommon for sites to incur broken links but as they are frustrating for your visitors and unpopular with Google they need to be managed with some regular website housekeeping.

Once your site is up and running, your pages need to be populated with blogs containing the most relevant keywords for your company. When people visit your site the aim is to turn them into consumers. Strive to be as specific as possible; by using broad keywords, you may attract large numbers of visitors, but it may not be the kind of traffic that can be converted.

It is equally important to August 30regularly measure your website’s data. This helps you understand which areas of your business are thriving and which need attention. By highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, you can fully optimise your site for better performance. Duplicate content can be a problem but it often occurs on large websites or ecommerce sites that have a selection of pages displaying the same products. This can cause lower rankings and reduced traffic to your website, but can be tackled by using 301 redirects to the page you want your visitors to land on.

These are just a few of the tips to help with your SEO. We specialise in web design and search engine optimisation for small to medium sized businesses and we offer a comprehensive and affordable service. Call us for help with the design and full optimisation of your professional website.

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