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Instagram’s iconic square format is changing

August 29, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Instagram is well known for its distinctive format of square photos, which as we all know, can cause frustration when you’re trying to share a panoramic shot of a landscape or a group selfie. The old square format was particularly problematic for video content, often causing the video to feel cramped. However, the popular app is now introducing portrait and landscape options to give users greater flexibility in the videos and images they post.

Instagram have previously stated that they chose the square photo format simply because they thought it looked good, set them apart from other photo sharing apps and worked well in a feed format, but it appears that they are now bowing to the opinion of their users.August 29

It’s thought that this new move will encourage more companies to run video adverts on the platform as they have more freedom to include content without having to crop it into a restrictive square, and it could certainly lead to some exciting new digital marketing opportunities. With 300 million active users every month, Instagram offers the chance for businesses to express their creativity and reach out to a worldwide customer base effectively.

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