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Building your business from your eBay store

October 19, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Of the many business opportunities presented by the internet, few have encouraged and allowed entrepreneurs the chance to succeed in the way eBay has. Whilst eBay site is in itself user friendly and supportive of sellers, many have discovered they get greater success if they build their own site and link it to their store.

Over the years we have become the leading name for creating websites of this nature. Our team know how to design and create user friendly, search engine optimised sites which incorporate direct access to your eBay store and listings. With our services you get the benefits of using eBay to establish yourself as a seller, whilst developing your own web presence with a valuable branded domain name.October 19

In our experience, the above scenario offers the best way into the world of e-commerce for new entrepreneurs. Whilst setting up an online business is considerably more affordable than starting a bricks and mortar one, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is cheap. There are many costs involved in getting an online business up and running, so any means of reducing overheads should be explored. Using eBay lowers the costs of establishing your own e-commerce business. As the site is highly regarded and trusted, a presence with them also expedites building your good name and reputation as a trusted business.

You may be wondering why you need to build your own site if eBay is so effective as a tool for selling. The answer to this is lies in your own ambitions. Whilst you can achieve good results from operating from eBay alone, greater success is possible from running your own ecommerce site for your own business.

There are thousands of cases where eBay sellers have grown their business from this base and now have established sites in their own right. If you are reading this, we’re going to take it as a given that you’d like to be in that position. Our team have delivered sites of this nature time and again, always ensuring that the domain name, the website design and the content are exclusive to and perfect for the business. We look forward to delivering the same results for your business.

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