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Coming together to improve marketing strategies

August 22, 2016 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Content marketing acts as a strategic approach which is focused creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly established audience. In other words, it is an art of communication with existing and prospective customers without selling. The approach is non-interrupting and instead of pitching your services or products, you are providing information that enlightens the audience.

The essence of this content approach is the belief that companies will deliver consistent, ongoing vital information to people and in turn, they will ultimately reward them with loyalty and business. They do return the favour as well, with some of the finest organisations in the world using content marketing to make the most of their businesses.

Alongside SEO and indexing, content marketing is a crucial cog in the digital world. If marketers should find themselves without any of these elements, they may quickly find that they do not possess the keys necessary to unlock the door to a successful business.

The software company known as ScribbleLive recognises the importance of using SEO in the attempt to get to the top of the 3.5 billion daily Google searches. In addition, they also recognise the need to reach the correct page of the 4.75 billion indexed web pages. This is why they have acquired SEO enterprise platform Linkdex. The Toronto-based firm refers to the acquisition as the first major alignment of organic search and content marketing software.

This acquisition works in favour of ScribbleLive’s global presence due to the potential for expansion. Linkdex, originally backed by global technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners, developed strong ties with some of the leading brands and agencies. This makes it a powerful addition to ScribbleLive’s partner network.

An excellent strategy confirms that you will be found throughout the consumer journey. Organic search plays a large role in the journey for most digital consumers and there’s never been a more complete product suite to manage, plan, engage, create, and measure data. This presents a massive opportunity to those companies wanting a competitive advantage.

You can’t deny the power of content marketing when you attempt to engage, entertain or inform your customers. Without decent SEO however, it is possible for even the most compelling content to fail in reaching its preferred audience. Great SEO without the right type of content supporting it though, can present a huge amount of different issues. With Linkdex joining ScribbleLive, they are overcoming the operational disconnect, bringing SEO and content together properly to help their customers achieve marketing success.

ScribbleLive takes a more data-driven approach to content marketing by combining planning, creation and distribution technologies with predictive analytics. The focus of this strategy is to complement Linkdex’s measurement tools of organic search performances on the mass amount of web pages. With Lindex’s particular author database, productivity and reporting tools, the mix of technologies from the two establishments should assist marketers in managing the complete lifecycle of their content.

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