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Digital providers offering help for Greek businesses

July 23, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

We’re all aware of the situation happening with the Greek economy and the Eurozone at the moment, as the story has been huge in the news lately. Recently, the popular web hosting site GoDaddy has taken steps to help keep Greek business sites afloat, manually renewing their subscriptions completely free of charge.

Before the Eurozone deal was made, Greek government temporarily shut down payments overseas in order to keep money inside the country. This had positive effects for the country, but it also spelled trouble for business owners as it meant they were unable to pay for subscriptions outside the country. A functioning website is hugely important for businesses across all sectors and industries, so GoDaddy’s free manual renewals could be a great help for those business owners who have been unable to renew their subscription.

Over 50% of businesses in Greece are small companies with ten or fewer employees, and they have been hit particularly hard by the current financial situation. Hopefully the actions taken by GoDaddy will contribute towards helping then to continue business as usual and give them a little support greecethrough difficult times.

Apple has also taken measures to help struggling clients in Greece, providing free iCloud storage. As well as helping clients, these steps make good business sense for Apple and GoDaddy as customers are more likely to stay with these providers once the financial situation has improved.

These are just some of the digital lifelines being extended to Greek businesses by various online providers. By giving support through hard times, these companies are building trust with their customers, and the customers are able to keep their heads above water through a difficult situation – a win win deal for both sides.

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