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Facebook is not fading away

July 22, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

It’s fair to say that the two best known social network platforms in the world today, Facebook and Twitter, are an important presence in many of our lives. Facebook alone has 1.4 billion active daily users, which translates to around 15% of the population of the planet. In the UK alone, we have the second highest number of active account holders in Europe. All of this shows that Facebook has become a well established platform that makes it possible to reach a large and significant audience across the globe.

Reaching such an audience is one thing, but connecting and engaging with them is quite another. Success is possible as long as you have the right digital marketing team and strategy in place. Here at Web Consultancy we’ve got a specialist team who have time and again delivered great results for our clients with their social media marketing work.

It is actually very simply to become visible to your audience on Facebook. A sponsored post will make a link for your website appear on the news feed of a set number of users. The challenge is to make sure that it appears in the news feed of the right people. By this we mean that it’s better to focus your strategy on a well researched, considered set of users than it is to throw money at making sure endless general Facebook account holders get to see your advert and link.

It is the case with all forms of advertising that people with no interest in your goods and services will just ignore your advert. Whilst people accept this as a side effect of traditional TV and print media advertising, with digital marketing there is no need to. Our professional digital marketing service sees us thoroughly research your target market demographics, ensuring that your advertising and sponsored posts appears in the news feed of people who are highly likely to be interested in what you can do for them.

We’ve seen many companies fall into the trap of thinking that their mere presence on Facebook is sufficient. This disregards the potential to deliver more traffic, and in turn more business, to your website. We can transform a Facebook business profile from being a standard page with a few dozen likes to an engaging, dynamic presence, optimising the chances of new people and potential clients clicking through to your website.

There are a fair few people out there who, believe it or not, still think of social media channels like Facebook as being some sort of fad that will soon fade away. We’d suggest that the one in three people in the UK who log into their Facebook account at least once a day would disagree with that. Social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, have become an invaluable part of our daily lives. We look forward to our digital marketing team being able to show you the full potential of a professional social media strategy.

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