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Facebook to introduce advertising certification

September 27, 2016 by in category News with 0 and 0

If you were to carry out a survey asking people about where the number one place on the internet to advertise was we’d suggest that most, if in fact not all, would give Google as an answer. They would not be wrong to do so.

As the dominant search engine on the web, both the main .com site and the regional domains in place for Google rank amongst the most visited webpages around the world each year. The sheer volume of visitors they attract alone makes the website a priority for any online advertising. In our experience as a Google Partner company we have, time and again, helped our clients gain tremendous success through Adwords campaigns.

The formidable dominance of Google in terms of online presence does not, however, mean that success cannot be achieved with advertising on other websites. There are a number of sites with traffic which both rivals the numbers achieved by Google and the opportunities available for brand exposure. Facebook is the site most easily identified as being of this nature, and the social media giant is currently placing greater focus on the opportunities it offers.

In terms of a potential audience for advertising, Facebook offers a very broad audience and huge numbers. To be blunt, once you have a website that has visitors measured in the billions, it becomes rather academic to ask the exact number.

Just as Google and Facebook are two very different types of website, the dynamics of how businesses reach target audiences through them differ considerably. It is the case, though, that both work in a way which delivers your message to the exact target audience you’re looking for.

A key main difference between Google Adwords and Facebook advertising is when they are displayed. Google Adwords appear in response to certain search terms being used, with Facebook adverts appear in respect of the interests previously flagged by users. Although clearly different, both effectively reach the target audience that has expressed a clear interest in the nature of your product or service.

It would at this point in time be reasonable to say that whilst Google has developed Adwords into a fully functional business model, advertising on Facebook is in an early development stage. This is changing, with them introducing certification for those who meet the high standards of success possible through the platform. Facebook Blueprint Certification will be awarded to marketers that have a proven record of success with campaigns and pass the set exams.

The Blueprint Certification exams will be available for the three main channels of advertising provided by the company – Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It will also be possible to attain accreditation for analytics and reporting, as well as buying and planning strategies. The introduction of this accreditation coincides with the launch of new business tools which enhance the ability to reach a global market.

Facebook has always existed under the shadow of speculation that it is a passing trend that will fall out of favour with people, as was the case with the MySpace service and Friends Reunited. It is, however, now twelve years since it was launched, and it’s difficult to imagine its popularity and usage levels falling to any degree of consequence. This can be attributed as much to the successful business planning in place as it can to the preference users have for the service. Both of these factors combined make Facebook and Instagram huge marketing channels which cannot be ignored.

We were very early adopters in terms of understanding how successful a channel Facebook could and would be advertising. Over the years we have enabled our clients to reach their target market through the social media channel, helping them achieve the maximum results possible from their online presence. We look forward to achieving even greater performances with the changes and developments being introduced.

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