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Getting a strong ROI with your digital marketing strategy

September 5, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Digital marketing is so broad that it can be very easy to get confused when deciding which aspects should be an integral part of your strategy. Trends can change very quickly, so businesses can end up spending a lot of money trying to keep up if they are not careful. Before rushing in and accumulating big bills, it is a good idea to look at which areas typically deliver the best returns.

The top three digital channels to invest in are email marketing, social media and mobile marketing. These are the areas where the ROI can be very impressive, particularly if you manage to engage with your customers and get them on side. Content marketing is the best way to do this. By producing content that your target audience wants to see and is actively looking for, you can attract a great following and see big returns.

The first step in any email marketing plan should be to gather data. Everything you can learn about your customers will be of value, whether it is their likes and dislikes, how much they spend, their preferences or the channels they like to purchase through. This information will help you to shape your content and messages, making the process more effective. Simply sending out mass emails is unlikely to produce the results you want; instead, it could actually cause people to unsubscribe in droves. A better strategy is to personalise emails.

In a recent survey by Forrester, one of the most influential researchers in the business world, it was found that ROI and revenue could be increased by leveraging customer data in email marketing campaigns. The information is a fantastic asset that should be captured and utilised effectively.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular, and allow businesses to turn customers into brand advocates – that is, they will actively promote you to their family members, friends and colleagues. The platforms also give you a tool for promoting the bespoke content you have created so it is not just sitting idle. You should be using the platforms that deliver the best value for your business and allow you to reach your goals.

Mobile marketing is important because this form of browsing is surpassing desktop use. If your messages are not optimised for mobile browsing, you may struggle interacting with customers and send them to your competitors. The information you send should be personalised, easy to interact with and deliver real value to the customer; this is the best way to drive up your ROI.

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