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What goes into the creation of high quality content?

September 4, 2015 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

We all know that great content is one of the most crucial factors affecting any SEO campaign, but what exactly is it that constitutes quality content? Essentially, your content should follow Google’s quality guidelines if you want to optimise your chances of climbing to the top of the rankings and getting yourself found by the right people. Your content should take the following factors into consideration.

Always write with your site visitors in mind.

The majority of people these days will use Google to find the information, products and services they need, which is why it’s crucial to appear on the first page of the search engine results. However, where many site owners go wrong is by targeting their content towards what they think the search engine crawlers are looking for, rather than creating it for their site visitors.

Only include content which adds value.

This is closely related to the first point. Google rewards content that is well written, reads in a natural way, and provides useful information that’s relevant to your visitors. It’s no good simply having page after page of irrelevant, spammy text; your content should inform, entertain, or otherwise provide a valuable service to your site visitors.

Make sure your text is well written.

Google does not appreciate bad grammar, incorrect spelling or illogically constructed articles, and your site visitors won’t either.

Don’t use tricks and shortcuts, or try to deceive Google.

Avoid automatically generated or duplicated content, and avoid unethical black hat methods such as hidden text and links. Although keywords are still beneficial, they should not be scattered throughout your text at every opportunity. These kinds of sneaky techniques will only result in your site being penalised.

Content creation is one of our strong points here, and we have a team of dedicated writers who produce original content for our clients each and every day. If you need some help creating quality content for your site that will help to improve your chances of top rankings, we’re the company for you.

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