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Go independent for the best hosting service

May 13, 2015 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

When thinking of building a website, many business owners will often go to the largest web hosting and domain registrars for their solution. For the most part, they offer a simple ‘click and drag’ design tool that allows those with minimal design knowledge to create an attractive website for a small fee. However, if you’ve ever tried to contact these companies for support, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be.

When you work with large companies, it may seem like you are getting a good deal, but you definitely compromise on the service you’ll receive. In the time that you are on hold trying to contact their customer support, you could have spoken to someone directly at an independent firm. In addition, while the website that was made through a user-friendly builder may look great, in functional terms it isn’t very sustainable.

Websites are very restricted when they aren’t created from the ground up, meaning that if you were to try to optimise your site for search engines or mobile devices, you could encounter some issues. Some of these hosting providers don’t even allow users to access DNS managers without having to wait a few days. If you want instantaneous access to all aspects of your website and unlimited support at the times when you need it, an independent web hosting service could be for you.

Although large companies are able to offer affordable website hosting, it is only due to the fact that many corners are cut. As an independent web consultancy, we do not only commit ourselves to delivering excellent customer service, but also offer cheap website hosting to get your business online for an affordable price. We have a selection of dedicated servers that are able to accommodate the demand of our customers and are proud to provide a convenient and professional service.

As an independent website and hosting consultancy firm equipped with many industry professionals, we’re able to deliver great service and a customer experience like no other. Whether you would like affordable WordPress hosting, search engine optimisation, or web design in the North East, we can offer the best solution. Call us for a chat about your website today and we’ll be happy to help.

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