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Google Drive will stop web hosting next year

September 3, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

A lesser known service offered by Google Drive is the ability to host basic websites for free. The hosting feature was launched three years ago and meant that users could have sites that only needed a small number of CSS files and JavaScript resources hosted with no charge. The service was a useful way for developers to create a basic site and get started before switching to a paid hosting service when they outgrew the free one.

Google has recently been discontinuing a number of services because other providers have emerged offering similar features. They have made several moves to this end so they can focus on the core experience of users, rather than offering them something they can easily find elsewhere.

It is no surprise then that they have now announced they will stop providing web hosting support for people who have basic sites hosted through Google Drive. Following this, they will cease to provide the service altogether on August 31st 2016. This gives users just short of a year to arrange alternative hosting for their sites.

Fortunately, Google Sites offers an alternative for users that want a quick fix. The tool is easy to use and allows people to create a website without having to write any code at all. There are many different features you can add to your site with the service including calendars, presentations and other forms of content.

If you want a flexible web hosting solution there are many other services available, particularly if it is only a basic website. You should take the time to have a look around and see what options you will have; services will differ in several ways, particularly in the level of support they offer. Remember you have plenty of time to work with but don’t leave it until the last minute to switch or you could find your website goes down for a while.

If you need any advice about website hosting, we would be happy to help you find the right solution. There are plenty of options to choose from so you can select the right one for your needs.

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