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August 6, 2016 by in category News, SEO with 0 and 0

In the search results, Google presents links to pages that are considered authoritative and relevant. The authority is measured using a number of important factors including the quality of the content, the value of the links, and the number of visitors.

If your content is excellent, like that of famous YouTubers Smosh and How It Should Of Ended, it will encourage people to link to your pages. This shows Google that they are interesting and authoritative. The end result is search engine success as Google wants to show these kinds of pages in its results.

The search engine giant likes authority pages and as such promotes them so they appear near the top of its rankings. The job of the content creator is to create these pages. The content needs to be useful as this becomes shared among online communities and drives the traffic to it necessary to gain a high ranking.

SEO (search engine optimisation), in many aspects, is a form of quality control and links are important when it comes to this. It is imperative that you understand that having great content increases your chances of securing natural links from quality relevant pages. If you have something worth linking to in other words, you could secure the right links. Great sites don’t really link to poorer content.

Don’t underestimate key words either, as SEO phrases in your web content make it possible to find you via search engines. You have to know how the people are looking for the products, information or services that you offer; do this and you can account for it with your content and wording. If you don’t, people will land on one of the billions of other pages that exist on Google. This is why key words are valued as one of the first steps in SEO initiatives.

People make mistakes when it comes to key words of course; it’s only natural. Most search marketing beginners make the same mistakes when they do their research. Firstly, they only do their it once. This is a bad strategy as search behaviour can change dramatically very quickly. The next thing is that they don’t bother updating and expanding their key word list. This is a bad approach and can leave them missing great opportunities. Finally many people target those phrases that are too popular.

Your research should be an ever-evolving process as a marketer. It needs re-evaluation periodically to ensure you are creating content with the right focus. This also means you can strategically alter your specific phrases.

Diversifying plays a prominent role here too and you aren’t going to stand out if you find yourself with the same key words as competitors. You should try new search tools and keep track of the results. You should never be worried about experimenting based on your research either.

Always remember that knowledge is power when it comes to presence on Google. With the right key words and content in place, getting a great amount of attention is possible.

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