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It may be time to change your online passwords

January 27, 2016 by in category News with 0 and 0

Password management security company SplashData have released their annual compilation of the world’s 25 worst passwords. These are the passwords which are most commonly used throughout the world, making them some of the least secure and most obvious options for hackers and intruders to access your account.

If you use any of these passwords for your online banking, social media accounts or any other use, you might want to think about changing them as soon as possible:
January 11 image

Many of these passwords are simply strings of characters taken in order from the keyboard, but this is a no-no as this will be one of the first tactics intruders use when trying to access your online accounts and profiles. SplashData have advised users to instead use longer passwords with less obvious word and number combinations, and to use different passwords for every account to decrease vulnerability. Online security is an increasingly important concern for many of us, so this advice could serve us well when it comes to staying safe and secure online.

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