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Kick your campaign up a notch with the right keywords

September 12, 2015 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Over 90% of online experiences begin with words being entered into a search engine. Searching is still the lead driver of traffic to business websites, with 50% of all mobile searches conducted with the distinct intention of finding local results and over 61% of those searches leading to purchase. Your potential consumers enter keywords into a search engine in order to find the products and services they need, which has led to keywords becoming the basis of search engine marketing as an advertising strategy.

If you operate a professional website, comprehensive research is essential to identify which keywords are relevant to your business and are being used by consumers in online searches. Discovering how many people are searching for particular keywords can benefit your business substantially. It is equally important to identify negative keywords which do not relate to your business and are unlikely to result in successful conversions.August 12

You can also develop an understanding of the keywords that are proving to be the most competitive online and those that will prove most effective in your digital marketing campaign. It is also important to make sure your content is not overloaded with keywords, as this could lead to being penalised by Google. Once you have a plan of action in place, you can devise a strategic method of inserting your keywords into your web pages. You need to create specific pages that target your chosen keywords with information that relates specifically to online searches.

Our creative and skilled content writers are adept at producing well-structured content designed to engage your site visitors and ensure your online articles and blogs have the right keywords in all the right places. We can assist you with every aspect of your digital content marketing campaign.

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